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Haworth's Life

Haworth's Life
Haworth's Times
Haworth's Versatility
Haworth's Press
Haworth's Writings
NY Engagements
His Brother William
The Haworth Tradition

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His Life

Joseph_Haworth_as_Orlando_in_As_You_Like_It-Color-Resized.jpg (40179 bytes)

Apprenticeship In Cleveland (1855-1878)

Joseph Haworth headshot from Boston Museum days-Photo-B&W-Resized.jpg (76575 bytes) Leading Juvenile in Boston (1878-1881)
Joseph_Haworth_as_Phasarius_in_the_Gladiator-Color-Resized.jpg (194188 bytes) Supporting an Irish Idol (1882-1884)
Joseph Haworth as Col Kerchivah West in Shenandoah2-B&W-Resized.jpg (15229 bytes) 'The Best Actor of Leading Roles on the American Stage' (1885-1887)
Jospeh Haworth as Paul Kauvar-cepia print-cropped.jpg (84334 bytes) The Dark Steepy Path to Glory (1887-1894)
Joseph Haworth as Hamlet with extended hand-B&W-Resized.jpg (156547 bytes) Classical Leading Man (1894-1898)
Joseph Haworth as John Storm in The Christian-Head only-color-Resized.jpg (51469 bytes) Broadway Leading Man (1898-1903)

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